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"Paid ads have grown from 2% to 20% of new business with the same spend"

Go Car Finance

“Most agencies that we’ve worked with have a template-based approach to the work they do that works for them. They have their mould, and try and make you fit. The difference with Double is that they spent time understanding our business, and as a result, we have a solution that works for our business goals.

This meant more than just generating leads but converting them too. They set up a solution that tracks leads right across every touchpoint – from advertisers, to our website, and then through our network of systems (when everyone else said it couldn’t be done).

This means we’re now optimising for leads that convert, not just leads. As a result, this channel has grown from 2% – 20% of our new business with the same spend. To top it off, Double has built a reporting dashboard to communicate this to the business so it can be understood by people outside of the industry, instead of hiding results in digital jargon.

I’d recommend Double to anyone looking for a solutions-driven partner who uses data to make sure the job isn’t just done, but done right.”

Simon Gormley,
Head of special projects
155 %

Increase in finance applications
within 3 months


Decrease in cost per application
CPA of $28.26 vs $70.63


Increase in Ads Click-Through
CTR of 16.04% vs 6.96%

About the Company

Go Car Finance is one of New Zealand’s leading car financing providers. Although they just built a new website, conversion and leads were minimal. With more people wanting fast online approval, Go Car Finance needed to move quickly to scale leads and capture market share of a growing segment.

Project brief
  1. Built landing pages that maximised conversion
  2. Run Google Ads to outpace a competitive market
  3. Tracking conversions for maximum profitability
What we did
  • Google Ads
  • Dashboards & conversion tracking
  • Landing pages
  • CRM
Our approach

Getting the Result

We studied best practice throughout the global finance sector and realised that two variables drive 80% of the purchase decision; speed & convenience, and brand trust.  These elements became front and centre in our landing pages.  Simple loan calculators and customer reviews (Trustpilot and Google reviews) lead our landing pages and then a focus on scannable headlines and faster mobile load times.

By reworking our Google Ads strategy using 1KW1AG (one keyword one ad-group) and setting up conversion tracking through the funnel, we could see what paid search terms were not only turning into a lead but converting into closed deals. This knowledge meant we could outspend competitors on highly valuable traffic and save our pennies on terms that delivered big numbers but no return.


Seemless tracking for rapid growth

With each part of the customer funnel using different software (advertising/application/sales support/contracts), we had no visibility on what marketing was delivering deals and what marketing was delivering absolutely nothing. Before we could confidently scale ad spending aggressively we had to setup proper tracking.

We used PowerBI dashboards to visualise each stage of the funnel and show what was profitable and what was not. This streamlined management reporting and budgeting as well as highlighting ways to improve application conversion rates (ultimately increasing by 135%).

Landing page

Designed for max conversion

We tested a range of key messaging, different hierarchies of information and graphic treatments and enquiry form versions to find what converted best.

Website build

UI/UX Design Direction

To capture our youthful audiences attention we knew we had to bring the dream the life, by using carefully curated images combined with witty messaging to engage our audience instantly. The use of bold typography and contrasting colors of yellow and blue brought lively tone of voice to the website.

Result Focus

Getting The Result